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Increasingly organisations are under more and more pressure to remain competitive, cut costs and reduce or eliminate waste. This becomes increasingly difficult and smarter, more effective ways to attain these goals, are required.


Unlike other performance management models available, we believe in a fully flexible, affordable approach, designed to meet the specific needs, culture and character of the client. Through our unrivalled experience, we are able to offer practical, effective bespoke solutions, based on Plan/Do/Check/Act, and lean principles.


Our extensive training and experience enables us to apply the tried, tested and effective tools to the particular needs of your business to improve its performance.


Examples of Key Performance Measures (KPM's)


* Quotation success rate
* Actual cost versus project budget
* Project milestones against timing plan
* Scrap
* Rework / repair
* Inventory and work in progress
* Customer complaints, returns, claims
* Warranty
* Utilities usage, e.g. fuel, water, electricity
* Tool / equipment / machine downtime, repair / replacement costs
* Mean time between failures
* Build to schedule
* Cycle times
* Deliveries to schedule
* Premium freight
* Overtime


Examples of simple effective tools (apply the tools you need)


* Graphs / trend charts
* Pareto charts (80/20 principle)
* Attribute control charts
* Variable control charts
* Cause and effects analysis ("fishbone" diagram)
* 5-Why analysis
* Fault tree analysis
* Action / timing plan
* Turtle diagram
* Visualisation techniques
* Standardisation / "institutionalisation" (standardised work / standard

* work procedures) to ensure a basis for continual improvement, and to

* ensure that improvements don't fall into a black hole, resulting in no

* real improvement at all.
* Horizontal roll-out to prevent similar problems occurring in other areas

* of the organisation (problems should be seen as opportunities to uplift

* the overall organisation)



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