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Through experience we have realised that training is most effective when conducted in-house. We carry out the necessary research, facilitated by our wide range of practical and technical experience, to enable us to tailor the training to the particular needs - so our training courses in effect become flexible "inter-active workshops". Subjects include:

IISO 9001
ISO / TS 16949
ISO 14001
OHSAS 18001

bracket Includes the "process approach"

Individual elements of the abovementioned standards


Internal Auditing


"Core Tools":
- APQP / Control Plan
- Statistical Process Control (SPC)
- Measurement System Analysis (MSA)
- Product Approval Process
- Error proofing
- Problem Solving, including the 8D Methodology, and Japanese "best

- practice"


Individual elements of the above mentioned "core tools"

Value Analysis / Value Engineering (VA/VE) - "ValueManagement" - an integrated approach.





Effective on the job training in both the manufacturing and service environment is crucial in ensuring world-class standards are carried down to the shop floor level. The quality of the training material is therefore fundamental to the effectiveness of such training.


Multi-media is a very effective training medium to ensure consistency in how personnel are trained in best-practice methods and behaviour, especially in the ever-increasing world of contract labour in key tasks and the need for multi-skilling. Not only do we have the means to make the videos / DVD's, though our practical and technical knowledge of many manufacturing and logistical processes, we can script the videos as well (or assist in this task).

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